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Christmas 2023 has come and gone and we’re now back into the hockey rigamarole as 2024 looms upon us.

I figured I’d shoot you some last minute hockey world info so you can sound smart before the countdown.

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Innovation across an old school sport like hockey is tough.

That’s why we’re excited to share the story being changemakers like Complete Concussions and their CEO Cameron Marshall.

Read all about how this group came to existence and is making the game we all love safer for those most at risk: kids.

Sweden goes green for 2024 WJC!

The 2024 World Juniors have already dropped the puck on their opening game in Sweden and the championships have a much different meaning this time around.

The IIHF announced their ambitions to use the WJC as a platform to promote and improve matters which extend beyond the realm of hockey.

After announcing their bid to improve inclusivity and the general culture of hockey through the puck of emotion project, the IIHF have now turned their attention to environmental friendliness.

The WJC will be the first championship in hockey history to be certified as an officially sustainable event.

In October this year, former NHLer, Adam Johnson sadly passed away after a freak accident during an EIHL Challenge Cup game in England.

What followed after Johnson’s death, was a week-long hiatus from any games in the UK plus an additional four weeks for the two teams involved in the game when the accident took place.

Now, all 10 teams in the EIHL are back to playing out their season, but how did they get there? And how has the league recovered since the tragic incident?

That’s it folks.

Happy new year. Wishing you all lots of success and health in 2024.

We’ll be back in 2024 with lots of exciting news and activations.

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