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  • TOP Sports: a winning alternative, NHL teams use of Captions, Federal $$$ & gambling ads

TOP Sports: a winning alternative, NHL teams use of Captions, Federal $$$ & gambling ads

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There are some people who passively support change, some who are helpful with it and then there are the founders of TOP Sports: literal change-makers. Every hockey parent has probably complained at some point about how expensive, time consuming and challenging it is for their kids to play hockey.

But who ever actually does something something about it?

In my exclusive interview with the TOP Sports crew, we explore how the founders Ian, Luke and Kevin are spearheading a much-needed change in youth hockey ( and youth sports).Less travelling. Better coaching. More balanced approach. Just...better than what we have now.

It just makes sense, doesn't it? Well Hockey Canada and the existing local minor-league administrators ( and their fat wallets) don't think so.

Resistance always comes with change. Read all about how TOP Sports is pushing through it all with a smile, peppiness and the drive to make common sense win over politics, money and power.

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We always hear: hockey is for everyone. It's been said over and over and over... But is it? Did you know that on average NHL eastern conference teams used captions only 7% of the time on their Twitter videos? It's so easy to do, but the majority of teams don't do it? Lydia lays it all out for you below.

The NHL has been trying to make to showcase change recently, and one of our contributors explored the United Hockey Mobile Museum. Jude believes it was a smashing success, read about why she thinks so below.

....+ two stories that haven't been covered yet on our platform

  • The Canadian government bolstered funding for sports culture change

  • CBC has no control over gambling ads

Lots of $$$ to change sports culture

Things are shaking as they say. Minister Pascale St-Onge announced a massive influx of cash to drive new change across all sports.

What's changing?

  • A public registry of people sanctioned

  • Non-disclosure agreements/non-disparagement clauses can't be used anymore

  • At least 40 per cent of a National Sports Organisation must be independent from the organization, no staff member can sit on the board, and athlete representation is necessary

  • Everything must be publicly available. ie: no more hush money

Top that up with 13.8 $M for safe sports in this year's federal budget and you can say that they're taking things seriously.

Looking out for athletes’ well-being is my top priority as Minister of Sport

Pascale St-Onge

Your 9 year old will soon want to play blackjack

We'll probably look back at some point in 10-15 years and scratch our heads: why do so many 25-35 year olds that love hockey also have gambling issues?

Well, the CBC definitely wants you to know they have nothing to do with it.

In a scathing report, CBC acknowledges that they have no control over gambling ads across their network, and dances around the fact it is Sportsnet who controls editorial and revenue for segments that include talent from " Hockey Night in Canada".

Ever notice that the hockey content we see has a "betting" flavour to it?

Well you're not the only one.

PK Subban's father is standing up and calling for a ban on all gamblings ads (....and I know, I know, we'll talk about PK's recent actions next time, don't worry, I know what you're thinking)

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