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  • New sports drink hits the shelves, PWHL x NHL all star, the utility of homegrown talent.

New sports drink hits the shelves, PWHL x NHL all star, the utility of homegrown talent.

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Dear Hockey of Tomorrow reader,

So are you still following those resolutions? Hop off your Peloton ( if those still exist), leave those 5kg dumbbells and miserable protein shakes behind, and let’s have a look at the recent headlines from the wonderful world of hockey.


BodyArmor has taken a massive step forward in its ongoing battle with rival sports drink producers, Gatorade by releasing its newest product, BodyArmor Zero Sugar.

The new drink sets itself apart from any of Gatorade’s products as it has no artificial sweeteners, flavours or dyes and has been labelled as the company’s biggest product ever launched.

BodyArmor have their targets set on overthrowing competitors and claiming the top spot within the sports drink market via their new innovative product as they look to reel in new customers.

With the NHL Allstar game fast approaching, we’ve seen a deeper integration of the PWHL with the NHL festivities. It’s cool to see. 

Water cooler talk though: what could be done in the future to make this integration even better? I’ve jotted some ideas down below.

Homegrown players are a crucial key in forming a roster for the majority of clubs outside of North America.

The struggle of fitting the right number of “imports” and “homegrowns” into a roster is a crucial and difficult process to navigate for coaches in Europe but is virtually alien to the NHL.

And recently, Kazakh side Nomad Astana shocked crowds and set examples in Wales by claiming the Continental Cup with an entire squad of Kazakh players.

That’s it folks.

See ya next week.

Tom Sychterz, Founder

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