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Our featured piece this week covers Japan’s Ice hockey team and how two specific players, Yuta Narisawa and Akane Hosoyamada, are clutch to the team’s development.

They both respectively represented Japan with the men’s and women’s national team, but they each have a unique story linked to where they are today.

Progress is rarely linear.


John Tortorella. You either respect him greatly… Or passionately dislike him. However, he has had an interesting impact on the Philadelphia Flyers’, whether you like it or not. Our contributor Ariel Melendez wrote about it.

....+ two stories that haven't been covered yet on our platform

  • Everything you need to know about the new PWHL

  • Kenya is pushing hard to join the IIHF

The official pro women’s hockey league.

After months ( and some say years) of talks and uncertainty, we officially have a brand new united Professional Women Hockey League.

Six cities, six teams, six organisations. One unified approach to women’s hockey.

Three of them are in Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal) and the others in the US (Minneapolis state, New York and Boston).

This is both an exciting and bittersweet news because that means three cities, who where previously in the PHF, have lost their teams.

Minneapolis has won the first Draft lottery and the GMs are set.

Kenya is pushing hard to join the IIHF

The International Ice Hockey Federation could soon welcome a new member aboard, as Kanya is taking steps to join the IIHF.

Yes, there’s ice hockey in Kenya and this news would be a major step forward for the growth of hockey in Kenya and in Africa in general.

“Once recognized by the International Federation, we will be able to grow our networks and utilize the IIHF’s player, team and coaching program development resources. That way, we will be able to promote hockey even more in Kenya.’’

Tim Colby, Head Coach of the Kenya Ice Lions

Part of their funding comes from the sale of their jerseys and they have a campaign going on to raise money.

When the hockey community rallies you never know what can happen.

Member of the Kenya Ice Lions

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