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  • New NHL captains, NHL banning pride tape sticks & Ice Hockey in Spain and Portugal?

New NHL captains, NHL banning pride tape sticks & Ice Hockey in Spain and Portugal?

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With the National Hockey League starting its activities this week, our contributor Jordan Dunn took a look at five teams that have named a new captain heading into the 2023-2024 campaign.

There were some significant though low-profile changes in youth hockey across Canada. Our contributor Sam dives into the new attire rule change that aims to promote inclusivity amongst young hockey players . However, these changes have also irked more than a few. Is this a move that was bound to be difficult, but necessary? Learn more about it below.

....+ two stories that haven't been covered yet on our digital platform

  • The NHL is banning pride tape sticks.

  • A new Ice hockey league, with teams from Spain and Portugal

Be inclusive…just not too much?

The National Hockey League issued a league-wide ban on pride sticks, meaning a player can no longer have rainbow tape on their sticks.

I think the controversy behind this issue has been blown out of proportion, and has been infected with this fundamental problem: what are the rules by which the league bans activities?

Banning is a heavy handed measure that is loaded with unclear intentions.

In comparison to the pride jerseys, having rainbow stick tape was always optional, but the league still decided to go that extra mile of banning.

The question is…why ?

Since the news broke out, the organization that makes Pride hockey tape has received numerous calls from people who want their rainbow tape.

That includes NHL players.

“We’ve had people from across the hockey world contact us and express their disappointment with this decision. But they remain undeterred that they’re going to continue to find ways to show their support. I think the players will find a way to make their own statements.”

When players get involved, high profile ones, that’s when things get….I’m so sorry for the play on words…. sticky.

A new Ice hockey league that includes Spain and Portugal

The Portugese Winter Sports Federation (FDIP) & The Royal Spanish Ice Hockey Federation (SHF) have signed an agreement to create a brand new Ice hockey league, with different clubs from Spain and Portugal and Andorra as a possible third country.

The goal is to create an Iberian Hockey League.

The signing of the agreement took place in Vilamoura, and had the support of the IIHF president, Luc Tardif.

The two federations expressed their desire to develop active collaboration for the promotion of ice hockey in Spain and Portugal.

The game is expanding.

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