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  • 🏒 Linechange: The HC fiasco finally ends, a new AGM for Seattle & College Hockey Summit

🏒 Linechange: The HC fiasco finally ends, a new AGM for Seattle & College Hockey Summit

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Here's what we're covering:

  • Hockey Canada fiasco finally resolved: everyone left!

  • Another woman becomes AGM, this time for Seattle

  • Hockey of Tomorrow: College Edition is this Sunday

  • We have our first NHL jersey winner!

Are you surprised this ended with everyone leaving Hockey Canada?

We're definitely not. In fact, we made the call last week that everyone SHOULD go, so this is great for everyone involved, including the departing board and management.

To be honest, we were kind of bummed out with all this terrible news, and didn't WANT to incessantly comment or review it, but felt we NEEDED to address it. There's still a lot of work ahead for the hockey organization, but at least the healing can start, and we hope there won't be any more bylines in this newsletter about it. We'll cover it if there's news, but please don't make us Hockey Canada.

I bet the booing would stop if the next commissioner was a woman

Scratch that, any other HUMAN as commissioner would get the classic commissioner booing to stop. However, a successful woman in the top-dog-seat would be monumental for the sport. Until then, we keep getting great updates on the leveling of the playing field: the Seattle Kraken have dubbed Alexandra Mandrycky their next Assistant General Manager.

As per her Linkedin profile, Alexandra graduated as an engineer and has worked in a variety of hockey operations roles since 2016. Interestingly, she has had some very solid and impressive tech experience early on in her career. As an engineer myself, I can confirm the biggest skill set you develop is problem-solving so the fact she was able to pivot from tech to this business operation role is no surprise.

Here at Linechange, we not only applaud the fact that another deserving woman got to such a high level, but more importantly that the candidate obviously got there because of hard work and determination. I'm fairly certain nobody from her time at Georgia Tech as the Leader of Intelligent Transportation Systems was able to get her on the phone with an NHL team GM because of a friend's-uncle's-cousin played with the GM.

“Alex has earned this promotion through her hard work and dedication to making the Kraken a better organization"

said Kraken general manager Ron Francis in a statement

Hockey of Tomorrow College Edition this Sunday October 16th

Ever wondered what it takes to get into an NCAA hockey program? Well, you could find out this Sunday, from 11 AM to 5 PM EST at the Hockey of Tomorrow College Summit.

10 NCAA men's coaches ( the women's version will be organized soon too) along with Flyers Special Assistant to the GM Danny Brière, The Blue Jackets Eric Robinson, former 250 NHL game veteran Matt Bartkowski and College Hockey Inc will be spilling the beans for that coveted road to college hockey.

Participating programs include

Guess what? The Summit is offering 50% off ( that's right!) to our readership. This includes access to the content AFTER the Summit as well.

That's 32 bucks to get insight, information, and knowledge directly from the horse's mouth. I mean, if that doesn't make sense, I'm not sure what else does.

Get your ticket now at hockeyoftomorrow.com with discount code LINECHANGE50

... And the Linechange Oscar goes to...

Soooooo drumroll, we have our winner for September's friendliest referral-maker!

And let me tell ya', it ain't just anybody! Gernot Tripcke, the General Manager of the top German hockey league, is our lucky winner of a Connor McDavid jersey. We'll be in touch shortly.

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