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  • JR Butler helping former pro's and veterans, Representation for women athletes, Kurtis Gabriel Interview & CTE linked to hockey

JR Butler helping former pro's and veterans, Representation for women athletes, Kurtis Gabriel Interview & CTE linked to hockey

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I recently got the chance to deep dive with JR Butler, a former college hockey player who is bold, authentic and fired up about changing the way athletes and veterans come back into "the real life" after having played pro or served for their country.

In my exclusive interview, we go through his challenging recovery from substance abuse, the black-box that is the HR industry and the way his company Shift Group was able to find the perfect win-win-win scenario for 1) his corporate clients 2) his portfolio of veterans and former pro athletes 3) himself as a business.

If you want to learn a thing or two about the HR world and get inspired by an innovator - as were the 835+ people who liked the article in the last 48 hours since publishing -  then  you can't miss this read

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Marlie's broadcast host Danielle Bain glances over athlete representation for women in her most recent piece. She covers the Cook Stark Management process and how women athletes are more engaging on social media.

Our Philly phenom Ariel Melendez got the opportunity to chat with Kurtis Gabriel, a former pro who is using his platform to help make the LGBTQ+ community feel more welcome.

....+ two stories that haven't been covered yet on our platform

  • Women's hockey championship in the limelight

  • Boston University shows hockey link with CTE

Women's world championships

There's a lot of excitement when it comes to the women's side of the game.

The leagues are getting the media attention they deserve and brands are starting to get interested in engaging with a more family-friendly audience than the regular beer-guzzling, pick-up truck driving, online-casino-gambling crowd that is traditionally watching hockey.

And that's not me throwing shade at the traditional hockey crowd (Bud Light anyone?) let's agree that those can all be fine and noble things to consume in moderation, but there's a reason behind every advertising investment.

I've heard from an insider source that there MIGHT be a deluge of corporate $$$ that will go into Women's Hockey by the end of 2023. It's not a coincidence that the Hockey News just unveiled it's women's hockey coverage.

Testy Bettman vs NPR interview

Let's use some very very very basic logic. 

  • Humans skate fast

  • Humans hit and get hit by other humans in hockey

  • Human brains are not meant to hit or get hit at 100 miles an hour

Pretty straightforward, no?Well not everybody agrees , even after scientific research supports this very very basic logic

The Boston University School of Medicine has discovered that each year of hockey played increases your chance of getting Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) a degenerative brain disease linked to the repetitive head impacts by.... 23 % !!!!

We'll get to better hockey player safety, it'll just take a bit more time, but we'll get there.

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