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  • Instructors for our 23-24 certification, A jersey patch to honour Indigenous people, The buyout of the PHF & Misha Donskov's special day with Lord Stanley

Instructors for our 23-24 certification, A jersey patch to honour Indigenous people, The buyout of the PHF & Misha Donskov's special day with Lord Stanley

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Dear Hockey of Tomorrow reader,

Before we dive into the hockey world news, I wanted to showcase our instructors for the 2023-2024 Hockey of Tomorrow certification.

If you haven’t signed up already, what are you waiting for?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just click this link or the button below to learn all about our half-day positive impact certification using the lens of hockey.

So now the question is, who the hell has the gulls to actually dive into the hockey world shenanigans, and help provide insights and analysis on enacting positive change in the workplace?

Glad you asked:

Parul Khosla (she/her)

Parul Khosla will be leading the certification, after having spent more than 10 years in the sports business world (including the NFL, NHL and MLB). Most recently, she was the manager for Diversity and Inclusion at the NHL, and has recently founded Elevate, a firm enabling diverse individuals land dream sports job. She’s got her MBA & graduated from the Sports management institut at Rutgers University.

Yeah, no biggie.

Chanel Keenan (she/her)

Chanel Keenan was just simply named one of the most influential women in hockey in 2022. She’s a fierce advocate for inclusion, having worked with the Seattle Kraken as an intersectionality consultant and currently involved with some major non-profits changing the hockey space.

Again, just your run-of-the-mill boring instructor.

& Myself, Tom Sychterz (he/him)

And myself. I don’t like tooting my own horn ( … to which he proceeds to do just that) but in my past life I’ve been the CMO of the largest positive impact platform in the world, having helped over 45,000 changemakers create meaningful impact and enabled hundreds of brands to connect and leverage grassroots initiatives for the greater good.

But truthfully, I’ll mostly be running the virtual room access since we got some big guns leading the certification.

We got lots of people from the non-profit world asking how they can join…. If you don’t think it’s relevant for you, perhaps you could gift the spot to someone else ?


Our featured piece this week covers a special patch that the Seattle Kraken will wear this upcoming NHL season.

They want to honour Indigenous people, so they partnered with Muckleshoot Indian Tribe to create a meaningful jersey patch.

Our contributor Gary Mok shared this amazing initiative and the importance of it in his recent piece.

To amplify the voices of the Native community, we need people to raise theirs!

Hopefully other teams will get inspired by the Kraken.


....+ two stories that haven't been covered yet on our platform

  • What does the PHF buyout mean for Women’s hockey

  • Misha Donskov’s special day with the Stanley Cup

The PHF buyout by the PWHPA

Can’t believe I have never talked about it yet.

Having a new bonafide professional league is definitely exciting news for women’s hockey.

‘‘It’s been years in the making. The amount of times we’ve said ‘We’ll see, we’re working on it’ and now we can finally say that something is happening in January that’s going to be a league.‘‘

On the flip side, I can’t help but wonder about the collateral effect for the numerous players and staff that lost their job in the PHF.

All PHF contracts have been voided, over 100 players will be left with no roster spot, and some cities will lose their teams.

Feels bittersweet.

Misha Donskov honours his dad in Ohio

It is always interesting to see what players do with their Stanley Cup day. Earlier this week, Vegas Golden Knights player Nicolas Roy brought it back to his hometown, Amos, a small city in the province of Quebec.

Golden Knights’ assistant coach Misha Donskov also did something very special during his day with the Cup.

He brought it back home in Ohio to honour the memory of his dad Paul, who passed away in 2020 after a long battle with cancer. The cup made a little visit to the hockey school that his dad founded to help young hockey players.

Paul Donskov moved from Serbia to Toronto, then found a home in Ohio. He spent his life being a hockey coach and helping others.

Notice the photo on the wall in the first photo - just like he was there with his son. One thing is for sure, he must be looking down proudly.

That’s it for this edition of the Hockey of Tomorrow newsletter. As we continue to highlight the best, most diverse, and most interesting, off-ice hockey stories, we would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Thanks again for reading this new edition of Hockey of Tomorrow.

Tom Sychterz, Founder

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