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  • Innovative Skate device, NHL Lottery, Ottawa Senators to help wildfire victims in Nova Scotia

Innovative Skate device, NHL Lottery, Ottawa Senators to help wildfire victims in Nova Scotia

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What’s better than a busy week in the hockey world?

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Panther Teeth sells clips that allow you to tighten boot laces and skates without cutting off circulation to your ankle and foot. The device is very easy to use and meant to increase athletes' comfort.

Brad Pelkofer had a “ah-ha” moment when he noticed a mother trying to tie her sons’ skates. He then remembered all of the problems he had over the years with his laces. Sometimes too tight, sometimes too loose.

Say goodbye to wobbly skates thanks to Panther Teeth.


Should the NHL expand into roller hockey ? (again?) All signs are point to that direction. Roller hockey is gaining in popularity and it is also an accessible way to onboard newbies. Plus, roller hockey is much less expensive than ice hockey. According to a study conducted by the Aspen Institute, the average cost for a child to play ice hockey is $2,583. And the numbers are only going to go higher.

If we look at the average cost to play roller hockey, it’s more like $100-$200 for the season and that INCLUDES fees and equipment. Our contributor, Kristen Staple thinks that the NHL extending their impact into roller hockey would significantly help the sport both on and off the ice. Here’s why.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the NHL Draft Lottery results have been shared. And *EARMUFFS SPOILER* the Chicago Blackhawks will pick Connor Bedard with the first overall pick.

Listen, it will not be official until June 28th , but everyone knows the Hawks won’t pass on a generational talent. With that being said, is it fair that the Hawks get the 1st overall pick ? Ariel Melendez breaks down how the NHL could have done better.

....+ two stories that haven't been covered yet on our platform

  • The Ottawa Senators will donate hockey gear to the victims of the wildfires in Nova Scotia

  • The Quebec National Assembly committee wants an independent administrative council for the QMJHL

Ottawa Senators making an impact in the community

Let’s dive into a more serious topic.

If you’re in Canada, you are well aware of the scary fires going on.

The Ottawa Senators have decided to help the kids and families affected by the wildfires in Nova Scotia by giving out gear.

In an interview with the website Salt Wire, Andre Lefebvre, who is a coach from Nova Scotia and a QMJHL scout, said that he sent a call for help to gather equipment donations for the kids and families who had lost everything. Lefebvre was blown away by the responses he had.

One even more surprising than the others.

"The Ottawa Senators reached out to me this morning with an email saying they're looking to help. They store a lot of gear for these situations at Canadian Tires all over the country so they've said once we get a better idea of what we need, they want to step in and get some stuff down here as well."

Andre Lefebvre

It’s a feel good story to see everyone banding together to help families affected by the wildfires.

Quebec wants an independant administrative council for the QMJHL

About time, eh?

In a report on sports hazing that was released last Tuesday, the National Assembly's culture and education committee mentioned that it wants to see the league run by an independent board of directors, instead of a board that consists of team owners.

They also want players to be more involved in the senior management of the league.

This recommendation is one of 23 made by the committee.

Better late than never.

Hopefully these recommandations are only the start of something new.

That’s it for this edition of the Hockey of Tomorrow newsletter. As we continue to highlight the best, most diverse, and most interesting, off-ice hockey stories, we would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Thanks again for reading this new edition of Hockey of Tomorrow.

Tom Sychterz, Founder

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