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Here are the top stories this week:

  • Rachel Dorrie Files a Human Rights Complaint Against the Vancouver Canucks

  • New Bullying Rules Are Filtering out Abuse In P.E.I.

  • Sports Betting Promotions During Hockey Games are Here to Stay

Rachel Deorrie Files a Human Rights Complaint Against the Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks gave Rachel Doerrie her walking papers less than a year after hiring her to work within the team’s hockey operations department. Dorrie has since revealed through a court document posted on her Twitter account that she is suing the team on the basis of a potential human rights violation.

She alleges that assistant GM Emilie Castonguay told Doerrie she isn’t “mentally” fit to do her job. That's a bigggg accusation.

Doerrie’s official complaint documents are listed on her Twitter account. The alleged event surrounding her dismissal are unfortunate as hockey has made great strides in putting more women in front offices and allowing them to grow.

This incident is definitely a step back for the game regardless of the end result. You can read more about it on our very own Twitter account where we have threads detailing more about the incident. Always keep in mind, however: as seriously as this needs to get treated, it's important to be fair in the process and highlight that these are allegations that are vehemently contested by the opposing party.

We hope that the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, comes out.

New Bullying Rules Are Filtering Out Abuse in .P.E.I.

Hockey P.E.I. introduced new rules surrounding bullying and the mistreatment of hockey players for the first time this year. So far this year 26 complaints have been made about bullying incidences. All of the reported incidences involved male athletes and included negative comments surrounding race and sexual orientation.

After each of those 26 instances were reviewed, 22 players were suspended. The executive director of Hockey P.E.I. Connor Cameron sat down for an interview with local CBC reporters on Monday to discuss the issue.

He’s happy the new rules are filtering out bad behavior but wonders if there is room for more improvement. The answer is clear: there's always room for improvement.

Sports Betting Promotions During Hockey Games are Here to Stay

Did you know that more than half of the teams in soccer’s English Premier League have a sports betting website or brand as their main jersey sponsor? It’s true! If you've been watching hockey games this year, you’ve likely noticed how many different sports betting brands are also tied to NHL players and the NHL logo itself.

It’s impossible to get away from TV networks like the CBC and Rogers Sportsnet discussing betting odds during intermissions, and star players themselves signing major deals to promote particular brands. Bet99 commissions Toronto Maple Leafs star Aston Matthews to regularly appear in commercials while BetMGM is doing the same thing with Edmonton Oilers superstar Conor McDavid.

Many pundits are wondering about the long-term effects of sports gambling ads tied to major-league sporting events, especially with hockey here in Canada. It’s not just because the amount of advertising itself is overwhelming or because it may lead some fancy gambling addiction, but also because children are growing up watching these hockey telecasts and being exposed to these ads decades before they will be legally of age to play.

Despite some complaints to regulate gambling advertising in Canada, it doesn’t seem like the millions of dollars being spent on these promotions is going to dry up anytime soon.

Those are the top stories for this week.

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