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  • Hockey of Tomorrow Awards, Virtual Reality for concussions & Rule changes for body checking

Hockey of Tomorrow Awards, Virtual Reality for concussions & Rule changes for body checking

Your all-in-one innovation + positive impact + culture news in hockey.

Dear Hockey of Tomorrow reader,

The regular hustle and bustle of hockey took a knock as the tragic news of Adam Johnson’s death sent shockwaves through the hockey world.

There are a whole lot of discussions being had around health and protection in hockey, so we’ve decided to jump into these very important topics head on in the next month.

On a more upbeat note, we’re proud to share that in less than 8 months our network of 25+ diverse contributors has now surpassed 100 published pieces on our hockeytomorrow.com hub💥.

We’ve produced over 25M impressions across all platforms since the start of 2023, but more importantly we’re humbled by the positive response from you, our forward-thinking audience. We also thank you all for being a part of this journey.

With that being said, drum roll please…..

We are ecstatic to announce that we’ve been in discussion with a few potential partners for a unique initiative in mid-2024 …more drum roll please….:

This initiative is born out of a real vaccuum when it comes to celebrating everyone that is making a positive impact across hockey.

Our team has noticed that lots of organizations celebrate positive impact in hockey but it’s usually done in their own corners, patting themselves and the same usual suspects on the back with the same people leading the charge seperately.

It’s time to try and propose an alternative vision: how about we celebrate those who don’t get the recurrent mainstream media spotlight? The innovators, the entrepreneurs, the health professionals, the executives, the sponsors, the pro teams, the pro players, the agents, the youth leagues, the fans and all other related stakeholders that are stoically paving the way?

If that hits home to you, reply back and let’s chat.


brought to you by Complete Concussions

Complete concussions is our proud supporter for this weeks newsletter. The 1000+ clinician network helps coaches, youth players and parents get access to the same level of assessement, treatment and support that pro players get. They’re doing some great stuff for the sport, so get in touch with them if you want to be a part of the movement to help reduce concussions across hockey.

Health professionals in Ottawa are calling for Hockey Canada’s rule on the allowance of bodychecking from the age of 13 and above to be raised to 15.

After publishing a study, Dr Kristian Goulet stated that a change to the rules could halve head injuries for children and help improve the sport’s safety measures drastically. Our contributor, Sam Scouller, explores how this can play a huge role in making our sport safer.

Virtual reality can help concussions?!

Pro players are treated differently than youth kids when it comes to concussions?

....+ one story that hasn’t been covered yet on our digital platform

Vegas Knights new youth program

The Vegas Golden Knights have made the leap to the city of North Las Vegas as they will start to manage a youth hockey program in the city next month.

The Golden Knights already run youth programs in Summerlin and Henderson and will now take on their third location. Mayor Pamela Goynes Brown announced in the city chambers that he reigning Stanley Cup champions will manage the programme last week.

Mayor Pamela Goynes Brown said: “Our kids deserve the best. And this is just one component where we can bring organised sport to our community and supply them with the same opportunities and facilities as any other.”

That’s it for this edition of the Hockey of Tomorrow newsletter. As we continue to highlight the best, most diverse, and most interesting, off-ice hockey stories, you know where to find me.

Tom Sychterz, Founder

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