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  • Fleury's cahoonas, Japanese - Croatian - Korean teens play hockey in Calgary, neckguards!

Fleury's cahoonas, Japanese - Croatian - Korean teens play hockey in Calgary, neckguards!

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It’s an interesting start to the season, and with its fair share of drama. Let’s get into it.

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In this week’s must read, Willow Baker, talks about the challenges of coming out as trans in the hockey world. It’s a controversial topic for some if not a lot of hockey folks, but we’re all about opening up discussions.

....+ three stories that haven't been covered yet on our digital platform

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  • Japanese, Croatian and Korean teens get a taste of what hockey is like in Canada

  • NHL fines Fleury’s Indigenous mask

  • The importance of neck guards (Again and again and again!)

Japanese, Croatian and Korean teens are playing hockey in Calgary

A group of Japanese youngsters met with Hockey Canada, before their face off against Calgary’s U'-13 Double-A and Division One teams in a series of exhibition games this past week.

Hockey Canada wanted to share the global impact the sport has around the world.

Events like this, where a country like Japan can shine hockey wise, is a good way to try and share hockey’s rich culture.

It’s all about welcoming everyone and show them that you can play hockey anywhere.

Japanese teenagers will visit Calgary’s facilities and they’ll play a game almost every day for a week.

Japan is not the only foreign country to have receive an invitation: Korea and Croatia are also taking part in the tournament.

Fleury doesn’t care

Gotta give it to the Flower, he’s got principles.

After creating a beautiful mask celebrating his wife’s heritage and background, the NHL threatened to impose a fine to not only Fleury, but his team.

Why? So the league is trying to implement their new position of not letting players support any initiatives. But this is so odd because this is literally a tribute to a part of his family…

That didn’t stop the all-star netminder from going ahead against the grain and wearing his helmet during the warmups.

Good on you, Fleury.

The importance of the neck guard

You play beer league once a week? Wear a neck guard. You play junior A semi-competitively? Wear a neck guard. You’re a second line NHLer ( we have a few dozen of those reading this newsletter, you know who you are)…wear that neck guard.

With the speed of the game increasing every year, accidents happen more often. Just recently, an Eastern Ontario youth hockey player was hit in the neck by a skate. The hockey player in question was wearing a neck guard.

He received a few stitches but the majority of the impact was covered by the neck guard.

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