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The hockey calendar is heating up as we near the end of 2023, with the World Juniors in Sweden kicking off shortly.

It’s been a season of change so far, and the future looks to hold more of the same as hockey’s stars of tomorrow take to the ice in Gothenburg to entertain the masses at the World Juniors.

Sweden isn’t the only hotbed of hockey action as Canada, the US and Uzbekistan are joining in the fun. Yes, you read that right, Uzbekistan 😲 

Let’s get it going


The IIHF announces the launch of their ‘Puck of Emotion Project’ ahead of the WJC!

The IIHF have made a bid to use the upcoming World Juniors Championship in Sweden to create a long-lasting positive impact on the hockey community to change the game for future players.

The Puck of Emotion project was announced recently as the organisation turns its focus towards the culture that hockey creates.

The IIHF plans to hold sessions to point hockey leaders in the right direction to create welcoming atmospheres on and off the ice across the hockey world.

The PWHL will kickstart their inaugural season on January 1st with 13 days of non-stop action as the original 6 teams take to the ice in front of their fans for the first time.

We have all the info you need to kick your feet up and enjoy the hockey when the puck drops in Toronto in game one.

Including; the GMs and head coaches of each team, the home arenas, the PWHL’s salary deal and their first season schedule!

Ever heard of baseline testing? Did you know that it’s currently quite controversial in the hockey space?

If you or your child ever dealt with concussion syndromes, read up.

Youth hockey is currently the only space that doesn’t support higher safety standards and processes when it comes to concussion prevention & treatment. All hockey professionals do baseline testing, and most if not all other youth federations and contact sport organisations encourage it.

If Sidney Crosby does it for his safety, wouldn’t you want to know about it for your 6 year old?

Read all about it as Sam Scouller explains the issue at hand.

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